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We build our homes using years of established resources.  We offer beautifully crafted plans that can be modifed or we can consult and design your home for your specific needs with a mindful consideration for efficiency.  Our homes are designed to provide homeowners with years of healthy, quality living, while protecting the precious environment. If you desire a durable, comfortable and environmentally friendly home that is cost effective to own and operate then please contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a 100% Green-Built TNT Home.

A Green Built TNT Home is:

  • Beautifully designed: an aesthetically pleasing design that is customized to your sight, expectations, and budget
  • Sustainable: a wide range of sustainable exterior and interior building materials and finishes are used
  • Durable: we use higher quality materials to enhance your home's performance
  • Efficient: energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems, with water-efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Highly  insulated: prevents cool air leakage in summer, warm air leakage in winter, moisture build up, and harmful mold
  • Attic Ventilation: We use a continous ridge vent for maximum ventilation of the attic space and mitigate moisture build up
  • Tightly sealed: windows and exterior doors are tightly sealed to avoid heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter
  • Optimum value engineered: by applying this principle we help to minimize waste
  • Properly located: we encourage the placement of the home oriented to bring in natural daylight and take advantage of prevailing breezes
  • Well ventilated: natural ventilation by window placement, fans, home orientation, and other site specific strategies are utilized to bring in fresh air
  • Comfort: our homes are designed with customer input and our years of experience designing and building homes.


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